Tropica Anubias 'Mini Coin' Pot

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    Info plantes
    Type: Rhizome
    Origine: Cultivar
    Croissance: Lente
    Hauteur: 3 - 10+
    Demande en lumière: Basse
    Exigence CO2 : Basse... Toon meer
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    Tropica Anubias 'Mini Coin' Pot

    Anubias 'Mini Coin' is a variety of Anubias barteri found at the aquarium nursery Tropica in Denmark. The plant is among the very smallest Anubias, each leaf smaller than a little fingernail. It is as easy to grow as its parent, and so does not like bright light.

    Anubias 'Mini Coin' thrives best attached to rocks and tree roots in the aquarium. If planted in the substrate, the creeping stem (rhizome) must not be covered as this can cause the plant to rot and die. Anubias 'Mini Coin' branches readily and will form a dense cushion of small, round, deep green leaves. If the plant becomes too dense, it can be carefully divided and the new plants placed elsewhere in the aquarium.

    It is ideal for use in nano aquariums, but can also add to the small details of a larger aquarium


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    Tropica Anubias 'Mini Coin' Pot
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    € 13,25
    Tropica Anubias 'Mini Coin' Pot
    1 Op voorraad: Vandaag verzonden - 24h
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