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    A CO2 atomiser

    Every aquarium deserves a good CO2 atomiser. The device is easy to install and works very efficiently. Have you decided to buy a CO2 bottle so as to optimise the CO2 level in your aquarium? Then an atomiser is allowed for Show more



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    CO2 Inline Diffuser / Atomizer - 16/22 CO2Art
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    JBL Proflora CO2 Taifun Inline

    JBL Proflora CO2 Taifun Inline

    > Cut out water back exterior filter hose, wet m...
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    CO2 Inline Diffuser / Atomizer - 12/16 CO2Art
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    JBL Proflora CO2 Taifun Inline Membrane
    In stock
    Ceramic replacement membrane 16 / 22mm

    Ceramic replacement membrane 16 / 22mm

    Ceramic replacement membrane 16 / 22mm for the I...
    In stock
    Ceramic replacement membrane 12/16 mm

    Ceramic replacement membrane 12/16 mm

    Ceramic replacement membrane 13/16 mm for the in...
    In stock

    A CO2 atomiser or a CO2 diffuser?

    You'll find the pros and cons of both devices on various forums. Diffusers and atomisers are very similar to one another. They also serve the same purpose: the provision of extra CO2 to the plants in your aquarium. There are two questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide whether a CO2 atomiser or a CO2 diffuser would work better for you:

    1. How important do you find the efficiency of the device you use to distribute extra CO2 in your aquarium?
    2. How important do you find the design of the device that you use to distribute extra CO2 in your aquarium?

    Is efficiency what's important to you and is the look of your CO2 atomiser not so important? Then you'd better go for an atomiser for your aquarium. Is it important to you that your aquarium diffuser looks good? Then a diffuser is the way to go.

    Types of CO2 atomisers

    Of course, atomisers are available in all shapes and sizes. The standard JBL Proflora Direct atomiser is the most reliable on the market. It's a very practical CO2 atomiser and thanks to its brilliant functioning, it also saves about 20% more CO2. We also sell a stylish, inline CO2 diffuser. Is this the atomiser you use? There's the additional advantage that you can't see the device attached to the aquarium. Nice, eh?!

    Atomiser CO2 accessories

    Of course, it is important to have all the right accessories for making optimal use of your CO2 atomiser. Consider, for instance:

    • An adapter
    • Replacement seals
    • Indicator liquids
    • A high-pressure hose
    • A replacement check valve
    • A replacement membrane
    • A regulator
    • Suction cups as required

    Of course, you'll find all this in our online shop. Don't forget to maintain your CO2 atomiser properly. Maintenance is very important for aquariums. This is true of your CO2 atomiser too.

    CO2 bottle for your atomiser

    Do you want to make sure that your aquarium has exactly the right amount of CO2? Then it's important to buy a robust CO2 bottle. We sell various CO2 bottles in our online shop. The main difference between the bottles is the material they are made from, their volume and whether or not the bottles are refillable. It's also very easy and inexpensive to get your refillable bottles filled by us, at the shop. Which bottle which suits your aquarium depends entirely on your needs and wants. Get in contact with us with any questions about this. 

    Sets for your CO2 atomiser

    You'll find various sets for regulating the CO2 in your aquarium in our online shop. The content of these sets changes and not all the sets contain a CO2 atomiser. Our complete aquascaper set provide a choice between three atomisers and diffusers. This set comprises few loose parts. This way you can be sure that you have everything you need and you don't have to deal with a lot of small, messy parts.  Do you want to be sure that you are ordering all the materials that you need in a single go? Then we really recommend this product!

    Other supplies for your aquarium

    When starting out as an aquarium keeper, it's useful to be able to find all your things in a single place. This is certainly the case with our online shop. We test and try all our products for quality. This way you can be confident that you are going to set to work exclusively with very high quality materials.

    About Aquascaper

    You can rest assured that you'll find everything you need for your aquarium at aquascaper.be. Whether you are looking for the aquarium itself, or whether you're after the best substrate, lighting or plants. Our online shop is full of everything from the smallest accessories to the largest must-haves in the aquascaping world. Our online shop is open 24/7. This way you no longer need to traipse around lots of shops in the hope of finding all the aquascaping products you're after. You can simply find everything in one online shop. We are always happy to help and it would be our pleasure to answer all your aquarium questions. Therefore, never hesitate to contact us!

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