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    The time of bare fishbowls and boring aquariums is gone forever! Meanwhile, more and more people have discovered the potential of aquascaping. But where do you begin with the creation of your very own aquascape landscape? And what do you need to get?

    Where do you start with aquascaping?

    Do you think that the making of a wonderful underwater world with aquascaping is something you'd really enjoy doing? Then you've come to the right address! The creation of an underwater landscape requires lots of creativity and patience. It's next to never something you'll get right in a single go. You need start aquascaping by making a plan. In this plan, you'll work up a particular vision. It's a good idea to write down in detail exactly what materials you'll require for your vision. Next you'll make an overview of how to approach this. Consult the shopping list of materials that you made earlier to check that you've ordered in everything you need. In our overview menu you'll find all the materials that you'll need to be able to get going on your aquascaping adventure!

    Bringing an aquascape aquarium into your home

    There are lots of options when it comes to aquariums. Although everyone's aquarium ends up with an individual look, most people want the same thing; that their creation can be enjoyed from all sides. Our rectangular, Ultraclear glass aquariums ensure this. It is also possible to install a screen on one of the sides of your aquarium. We are certain that we'll have everything that you want in stock.

    Aquascape tools that you really can't do without

    As well as an aquarium, the tools you need to realise your aquascape dream are also incredibly important. The following are the materials that you'll find more or less essential:

    • Scissors in different shapes and sizes
    • Tweezers in different shapes and sizes
    • Aquascaping tools
    • Cleaning materials
    • Fish nets
    • Fasteners

    Have you got all of this already? Then you can be confident that you are ready to set to work on the execution of your aquascape plan.

    What plants should you use for aquascaping?

    Plants are another thing that depend entirely upon the style you want to give to your underwater world. Beginners often make use of some lovely plant set deals. These plant sets are carefully assembled on the strength of their colours, shapes and requirements. Starting off with a plant set means that you'll start your aquascaping adventure from a strong basis. Have you already established this strong base in your aquarium? Then it's worth taking a look at our loose plants. For ease of consultation, we've split them into three categories: Easy, Medium and Advanced. Depending on your level of aquascaping experience, you can search for the plant that you are after. Don't forget to buy the right plant food for your plants!

    Lights for your plants and fishes

    Before getting going with fish, it's a good idea to look at what lights are best suited to your aquarium, interior and plants. For example, the Twinstar LED lights are a popular light solution that make use of LED RGB technology. This technology makes a wide range of colour possible. You can set up these lights to display intense colours that will really bring your aquarium to life. These, and all our other lights, have qualities that will make your plants glow while beautifully illuminating your fish.

    Don't forget to measure

    The quality of the water you use in your aquascaping is extremely important. The water must be in perfect condition in order to maintain your plants and fish properly. Did you know that all living things require different water parameters? To get this right, it is important to have the necessary tools at home too. That way that you can confident that your aquascaping adventure won't come to an early demise.

    About Aquascaper

    Traipsing round endless shops to find all the materials you need to get going with your aquascaping project is a thing of the past. Our wide range of aquascaping products and supplies that we have in stock mean that you no longer need to look elsewhere. You can simply find everything you need from our webshop. We ensure that everything in our web shop has been fully tried and tested, so that you can be confident that you are setting to work exclusively with high quality materials. Similarly, we keep all our plants in a climate-controlled environment so that you don't have to worry about their quality. We also make sure that we're easy to reach so that you can come straight to us with all your aquascaping questions. Please don't ever hesitate to get in touch!

    Do you want to learn more about Aquascaper and view our tips and tricks? Then take a look at our articles!

    Are you unable to find something you are looking for? Contact us on +32 (0) 468 089 207.

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