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    Add a unique piece of nature to your home! 

    In order to make a beautiful, natural aquascape, you often need to visit several shops. You still you can't find everything and knowledge is often lacking. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. What do you really need and which products work best? You can ask us about that!


    Tested and proven

    Our aim is to provide an extensive range of high performing aquascape products and supplies with a beautiful, natural appearance. You can be confident that what you buy from us will really work! Every device and product we sell has been tried and tested in our aquascape gallery, with its six full display aquascapes, which you can visit upon appointment.


    In-vitro aquarium plants

    In-vitro aquarium plants are the future of aquarium plants. These plants are produced under sterile conditions in a laboratory. These are very strong plants, free from pesticides, algae, snails, parasites and disease. It's wonderful to bring your aquascape to the next stage with super-healthy plants. They are very easy to transport and when you get them, you don't have to plant them immediately. Keep the lid closed and they will be good for 1 to 2 weeks in a cool, bright place. With the right aquarium fertiliser these plants will grow two to three times more quickly than traditional aquarium plants. 


    Beautiful, natural hardscape

    Are you also struggling to find the right hardscape? We've already done this for you! We have an extensive range of hardscape available, selected by us by hand, so you can always be confident you are getting a beautiful piece of natural decoration.


    Algae plants we keep our plants in a climate-controlled environment so you don't need to worry about quality!

    An extensive range of hardscape - and aquascaping equipmentfor all your aquascaping needs.

    Expert advice - If you've got questions about our plants or planted aquariums, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are aquarium enthusiasts and will be happy to help you.


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