General inquiries

    • Have you got a physical store that I can visit?
      Yes, by appointment. Products can be collected by appointment. 
    • Are all the aquarium articles in stock?
      Most of the products in our online shop are in stock.




    • I got an error code during checkout. What should I do?
      Sometimes glitches occur in the payment module. You can look up your order via your account, open it up and make the payment again via 'Pay now'.
    • If I come to collect my order myself, can I pay by pin?
      Not yet, but you can pay by Bancontact app or Payconiq.




    • Do you make shipments in freezing and sub-zero temperatures?
      Yes, we ship throughout the whole year. Whenever freezing temperatures are expected, we add a heat pack to your order. This keeps your order frost-free, so that your plants won't freeze.
    • I have received an email notification that my order has been shipped. How long will it be until I get my order?
      You can expect to receive your order within 24 hours of receiving this email.
    • Can I come and pick up my order instead?
      Yes, you can. We'll contact you, when your order is ready.

    • Help! My package is badly damaged.
      Don't panic. Get in touch with us and we'll sort everything out.
      If your package is damaged, please send us a photo.
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