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    Using and regenerating Purigen

    Using and regenerating Purigen

    Purigen is a synthetic filter material which absorbs organic waste and increases redox value. It's suitable for both fresh and salt water. Purigen ensures crystal clear water by removing tannins from the aquarium water. Purigen can be regenerated several times so that it can be used again. High values of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate can cause algae, but Purigen use enables a better control of these values through increased redox.

    Purigen granules are smaller than 1 mm and are put in a fine mesh filter bag like Seachem The Bag. About 500 ml of Purigen can be added to one Seachem The Bag (1 portion of 100 ml Purigen is already pre-packaged in a fine mesh filter bag, removing the need for The Bag).

    Rinse the Purigen before use and use the Purigen as the final filter layer in the filter. You can treat up to 1,000 litre of water for up to six months with 250ml Purigen. You cannot overdose with Purigen. Using more is recommended because then the Purigen is more efficient, so that you don't have to regenerate it as often. Purigen darkens progressively to dark brown or black as it exhausts, at which stage it needs to be regenerated.



    Bleach in the United States is nearly twice as strong as it is with us, so you don't have to dilute it 1:1 with water to use it. Immerse the Purigen in undiluted (!), unscented household bleach in a plastic container for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area, out of the reach of children. 

    After 24 hours, rinse the Purigen thoroughly in abundant fresh water and soak it until the chlorine smell disappears. You can also use Seachem Prime to remove the chlorine from the Purigen more quickly (4 tablespoons of Prime per cup of water) or use a chlorine test.
    Watch out! Some declorinators from other brands can contaminate Purigen permanently and make regeneration difficult, shortening its lifespan. Don't let Purigen dry out after regeneration, but keep it damp with water until you want to use it again.

    Tip: if you get a double quantity of Purigen, you can keep on swapping the Purigen in your filter with the Purigen you have regenerated, making maintenance easier. Purigen can be regenerated up to 6 times.



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