Dennerle Scaper's soil Black soil

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    Scapers Soil is an active substrate specifically developed for aquaria. It creates slightly acidic, soft water like that in which most tropical animals live. Scapers Soil is ideally suited to plant aquaria, especially aquascaping and shrimp aquaria.... Show more
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    Product description

    Dennerle Scaper's soil Black soil



    Volcanic Earth
    With biofilter function for healthy, clear water
    Actively creates soft, slightly acidic water (approx. pH 6-6.5, KH 0-2 °d)
    Double roasted "long-term water stable"
    Ideal in combination with C02 fertilization
    With valuable humic acids and fulvic acids
    Ideal for all plants, fish and shrimp that require soft, slightly acidic water
    Suitable for soil filters (shrimp culture)
    Special formula, does not promote algae

    Scapers Soil is an active substrate specially developed for aquariums. It creates a slightly acidic, soft water, which most animals from tropical areas love. Scapers Soil is ideally suited for plant aquariums, especially for aquascaping and shrimp aquariums.

    Scapers Soil consists of 100% natural raw materials. It was composed of various, carefully selected natural types of soil. The irregularly shaped granules with a diameter of 1 to 4 mm give the soil a natural appearance. Due to its loose structure, the soil is optimally permeable. Scapers Soil offers the perfect basis for healthy, beautiful colors of, for example, shrimp. The deep black coloring creates an intensive, lively contrast with the radiant green of the plants.

    There are three reasons why Scapers Soil effectively prevents nuisance algae growth:

    The special formula prevents algae.
    Due to the buffer function: just like with a battery, excess substances from the open water are absorbed and only released again when necessary.
    Due to the powerful effect, eels are avoided.


    Scapers Soil has active properties through which ions are exchanged. As a result, it lowers the pH value and stabilizes it in the slightly acidic range (approx. pH 6.0-6.5). At the same time, it reduces the carbonate hardness - depending on the starting water to almost 0 °d KH - and thus makes the water significantly softer. In addition, it serves as a natural source of valuable humic and fulvic acids, without coloring the water. This is how Scapers Soil creates water values, such as all kinds of tropical aquarium plants and fish that are used to their natural habitat. For example, soft, slightly acidic water is ideal for most South American ornamental fish, such as neon tetras, angelfish or discus fish.

    Despite the soft water, Scapers Soil can also be safely used in combination with a CO2 fertiliser, because the pH value is stabilized by the Soil. Scapers Soil provides crystal clear water and healthy living conditions. The porous surface provides the ideal substrate for the establishment of important cleaning bacteria. In this way, the entire substrate becomes a gigantic biofilter. It thus creates optimal conditions for effective, biological self-purification and thus for excellent water quality. At the same time, the Soil binds all kinds of harmful substances directly from the water. The granulate is double burned and therefore also water-stable for a long time.


    The pH- and KH-lowering properties and the excellent filtering capacity make Scapers Soil an optimal substrate for keeping and breeding shrimps, which require soft, slightly acidic water, such as e.g. Crystal Red and Red Bee.

    Due to the long-term stable granules, Scapers Soil can be used excellently in combination with bottom filters, such as those that are often used for keeping shrimps. As a result, the water is adjusted to the ideal value even faster and the filter performance is increased. Due to the loose but stable structure, the bottom soil is optimally supplied with oxygen, so that no putrefaction processes can start to work. The highly porous surface forms an excellent settlement substrate for important microorganisms, which especially need baby shrimp for their development. The color and pattern of the shrimps come into their own on Scapers Soil. White, red or yellow shrimp in particular contrast strongly with the deep black background.





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    Dennerle Scaper's soil Black soil
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    Dennerle Scaper's soil Black soil
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